1. Do you accept cars?
Yes. We accept cars for scrap metal.

2. What do I need to do to sell a car at McCoy's?
To sell a car, you must present a clear title. The name of the seller must be on the title.

3. Who needs to be present when I am surrendering a title?
Anyone whose name appears on the title must be present at time of sell.

4. What do you mean by "clear" title?
A clear title is a title that does not have any loans or liens held against it.

5. What if I don't have a clear title?
If you do not have a clear title, we cannot accept your car or vehicle for scrap metal. No exceptions.

6. Do you accept refrigerators?
We accept refrigerators so long as the compressor has been removed and all freon has been drained. We will also purchase the compressor, but it MUST be drained of freon.

7. What is the difference between #1 and #2 copper?
#1 copper is copper that is thicker than the lead of a #2 pencil. Anything thinner than this is #2 copper.

8. What is the difference between copper and insulated copper?
Insulated copper is any copper that has a coating.

9. Part of an old railway is on my property. Will you take the defunct railroad material as scrap?
All railway material is the property of the Railroad itself, regardless of whether or not it is on your land. In order for McCoy's to recycle your railroad, we must have a letter of release from the Railroad company. No exceptions.

10. What is heavy torch steel?
Heavy torch steel is any steel that cannot be cut by any means except from a torch. That's where it gets the name!

11. What is the difference between aluminum, dirty aluminum, and aluminum breakage?
Clean aluminum is material that is 100% aluminum. Dirty aluminum is material that is 98% or more aluminum. Aluminum breakage is material that is less than 98% aluminum.

12. Why do you need a photo ID with every transaction?
Due to metal theft in this area, McCoy Iron & Metal is very diligent about record keeping of all material that comes through our yard. We require a photo ID so we have a record of who brought in material in the unfortunate event that we discover the material was stolen. This is in full cooperation with the Springfield Police Department. No material will be accepted if the seller doesn't have a photo ID.

13. Do you pay with cash or check?
We pay with cash up to the dollar amount $499.99. If the value of your material exceeds $500, we will issue you a check in compliance with state law.

14. Will you issue 1099s?
At this time, we do not issue 1099s. We will not issue 1099s until required by state and/or federal law.

15. Do you pick up material?
We do not pick up material; however, we do offer container services for industrial or other large scale projects. These containers can be dedicated or temporary, depending on your needs. For more information, see our Industrial Services page.